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Craig Thompson was born in Traverse City, Michigan in 1975 and raised outside a homogenous farming community in central Wisconsin. He has driven tractors, baled hay, fed cattle, harvested the roots and berries of ginseng, and picked rocks. Tom Cruise presented him with an art award. Craig has also worked at McDonald's and the hardware section of a department store. At times, he has scrounged for food. He does not own a car, but a rickety vintage bike and a skateboard with a skull on it.

Now, shamefully, Craig does own a car, that he bought from a friend who was an editor at Dark Horse Comics. He uses it namely for driving to the coast and surfing. The skateboard is dusty and neglected in the closet.


Graphic novels


  • Bible Doodles (2000)
  • Doot Doot Garden (2001)

Ongoing series

  • Ginseng Roots (2019-present)


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